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Enrollment Steps:

1. Make an appointment with school office by phone or email to arrange a tour of the school with your child.

2. Make an appointment with the school office to meet with a staff member without your child. Receive enrollment forms.

3. Submit a completed enrollment form and registration fee.

4. Arrange a classroom visit for your child to meet the teacher. During this visit parents/adults accompanying child will meet with staff member to review the Parent Handbook.

5. Upon receiving a letter of registration from the school office, pay fees, submit all required medical forms, and arrange a start date for your child.

6. Join us for your first day of school!


Contact Information:

         13585897113(Ms Shen)

Address:Line 11 Jia Ding Xin Cheng Station No.5, Lane3885, Hu Yi Road,Jia Feng 
Jia Yuan Community) Jia Ding District, Shanghai 201800

E-mail: sunny@china-montessori.net

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